It is every man’s dream to have a harem of wives and concubines in the boudoir, and Harem Sex Doll Viki is the woman that every man wants most. Everyone wants to keep her for himself and put her in his Harem. However, Viki is not a woman who is weak and at the mercy of men. Although she has a face like an angel and a body like a devil, she is not willing to be one of the trophies of a man.

Instead, she wants to own her ownHarem, and keep the men she loves as her own, allowing her to play with them at any time. She sees men as her trophies and at her beck and call.

Today she thought of a game, she is a Yoga queen, her harem of men around her, to follow her to make different Yoga posture. If any man couldn’t do what she thought was the ideal pose, she would coach him herself. She is a strict Yoga teacher who uses different props to get you into difficult poses. Do you want to take up her challenge?

This is a premium quality TPE sex doll. A metal skeleton is implanted inside to support all her movement like a human being. This is a lifelike Harem Sex Doll, having solid but elastic skin like human skin. You can move her body easily into different positions for all kind of activities. Her lips are soft like human lips. Her mouth, vagina and anus are all available for your thrust. We believe you have a rock hard cock and her vagina may not be able to take it forever. We provide a removable vagina as an option so that you can change a new one in the future.