Top Rated Sex Doll WM 162cm E-Cup Head 162 Yuki

The top-rated sex doll, named Yuki. She is a popular cowgirl in this neighborhood. It’s a male-dominated area, Yuki is the only female there, and she is a hot cowgirl! The men first looked down at her but started accepting her as part of the family. In truth, she is not only capable in work, but she is also capable on bed. Looking at her sexy posture while riding a horse. How you wish you could ride on her one day.

Yuki has totally realistic real woman proportions and measurements from her boobs, belly, and butt, to her perfectly formed thighs, calves and arms. If you want a truly sexy life-sized doll, Clover is designed to be just that. Let’s not forget those big puffy nipples and pussy. This real life-sized beauty will have you never wanting to leave her, but the best part is that she will be there for your pleasure forever!

Yuki is a top rated sex doll. She is made of Premium grade TPE material, built with a realistic skeleton that allows her to move quickly. If you are a butt person, you need Yuki to drive your fantasy to a sky-high level. Check out Yuki now!!!!