Pussy Licking Doll YL 151cm 4ft11 C-Cup Head 76 18+ Teen Yukina

We all have a dream lady, she could be someone you met in school, your first love, your flatmate or just anyone. Yukina is one of those you were dreaming of. She was your high school classmate. She is cute, sexy and you can’t get over her. One day after a decade, someone called your name on the street. It’s Yukina! She still remembered you and coincidently, she moved into this neighborhood. After so many years, she is still pretty like before. And most importantly, she is single! Are you hoping to have some good time with Yukina?

Yukina is a pussy licking doll, with lifelike skin texture, and you can barely tell she is a doll. I am made of Premium TPE with a built-in skeleton. That allows her to pose easily. She needs that for performance and sex! Bring her home now!