Bathing Love Doll 172cm 5ft8 D-Cup Ski Racer Lindsey:

This year’s Olympic Games are cancelled, Lindsey is very depressed, because she is an athlete. She is a ski racer, and while she is not affected by the cancellation of the summer Olympics, she has a hunch that the upcoming winter games will be canceled as well.

She doesn’t want to think too much, but because of the quarantine order, she had been at home for weeks. She felt so depressed that she went skiing when no one found out. After a round of exercise, Lindsey felt so good that she went to the bath at once. The hot water flowed over her hot body and the soap bubbles ran over her, but they could not hide her sexy figure. Of course, she’s an athlete. She has a pair of firm breasts and strong ass without excess fat on her hot body.

You can easily see that she must be a good match in bed. You may not be able to beat her on the ski slopes, but she may be knocked out in bed by your technique and beg for mercy. Do you want to try?

This is a premium quality TPE sex doll. A metal skeleton is implanted inside to support all her movement like a human being. This is a lifelike doll, having solid but elastic skin like human skin. You can move her body easily into different positions for all kind of activities. Her lips are soft like human lips. Her mouth, vagina and anus are all available for your thrust. We believe you have a rock hard cock and her vagina may not be able to take it forever. We provide a removable vagina as an option so that you can change a new one in the future.