Car Show Model Doll-WM 158cm 5ft2 D-Cup Head 53 Osaka:

She is a car show model doll for a luxury new car show. However, her livelihood has been badly affected by the recent outbreak of the cover-19 coronavirus pandemic, which has stopped car manufacturers from launching new cars.

During her self-qurentine at home, she didn’t give up on her dream of becoming the world’s no. 1 supermodel, she trained herself at home by experimenting with different costumes and striking different poses. She tried on a Christmas girl costume and she looked so sexy. She liked the look so much that she made an extra effort to pose. Suddenly, she felt hot and her heart beat faster.

She was a little at a loss, and gradually her pussy got wet, giving off a lot of natural lubricated liquid. She knew it was because she hadn’t had sex with a man for so long. In the past, after a car show, she would also have intense sex with the buyers in the car. Many strong men would line up in order to get into her sexy body. She could have sex with more than 20 new car buyers in one night. How memorable.

Now she is bored at home. Can you help her?

This is a premium quality TPE sex doll. A metal skeleton is implanted inside to support all her movement like a human being. This is a lifelike doll, having solid but elastic skin like human skin. You can move her body easily into different positions for all kind of activities. Her lips are soft like human lips. Her mouth, vagina and anus are all available for your thrust. We believe you have a rock hard cock and her vagina may not be able to take it forever. We provide a removable vagina as an option so that you can change a new one in the future.

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